Best steak in Rockhampton

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Since opening our doors, we have become well known for having the best steak in Rockhampton — cooked to perfection on a natural volcanic stone. We believe food is something to be enjoyed and shared, so our menu has been created with that in mind.

Please let us know if you have any dietary requirements.

All meals are served with your choice of salad, vegetables or chips.

Entree – Stonegrill

Perfect for all occasions.

Garlic Bread


Garlic & cheese Bread


Herb & cheese Bread


Turkish Bread & 3 Dips


Entree – Oysters

Half-dozen or dozen serve.


$20 / $38


$26 / $47

Chilli & Fresh Lime

$24 / $44

Calamari of the day


Garlic Prawns (s/grill)

$32 for 10

Stonegrill – Steaks

Stonegrill dining enables patrons to enjoy a meal freshly grilled to personal taste, whether it be rare, medium or well done.

tenderloin eye fillet

Small side of T Bone
$35 / $43 L

Striploin -Large side of T Bone

Sirloin, New York Cut, Porterhouse.
$35 / $43 L

cube roll

Scotch Fillet, Rib Eye
$39 / $48 L

rump D or roast biff

$35 / $43 L

lamb rump


pork Sirloin


Stonegrill – Favourites

All meals are served with your choice of fresh vegetables, salad or chips as well as your choice of mushroom, peppercorn, garlic, or creamy chili sauce.

Vegetarian Stone

Fresh vegetables with salad and chips.

Chicken Breast Fillet


garlic stuffed Chicken Breast


chicken & prawns


Chicken, Prawns & Bacon

Chicken breast served with prawns & bacon.

Duck Breast & Bacon


Kangaroo Fillet

Lean and high in protein.

Crocodiles CQ

Local crocodile from Koorana Crocodile farm.

Crocodile & Kangaroo


Bellow, Snap & Jump

Beef, Crocodile & Kangaroo.

Tasmanian Salmon


Barramundi battered




Scallops – Roe On


Prawns & Scallops


Kids Meals

Chicken & Chips


Fish & Chips



Apple crumble or cheesecake


Ice Cream & Toppings


These menu item prices are correct at the time of print, however, can vary at any time.